The Essence of Domaineering

Domaineering is a concept where a person would try to register/buy and sell domain names for a profit.

Domain Names can be acquired by direct registration which is like buying a share in the first IPO. The prices are fixed though it may vary from TLD to TLD. They can also be bought from earlier buyers at a negotiated price like buying a share in the stock market. Domineering is an art to acquire potentially valuable domain names at a good price and sell it at a higher value.

Domain names are registered on first cum first served basis if available. Hence it is not always easy to register a good and marketable domain name since most common good looking names are already registered. Only when new TLDs are opened up, good opportunities arise for acquiring good domain names.

But if such domain names are having a potential for value appreciation, they can be bought in the secondary market. This however requires a keen sense of domain name valuation which needs to be acquired over a time and after research.

Investors in domain names must also remember that if any domain name is in conflict with a well known mark or a registered trade mark, there could be a notice from a claimant which may have to be given up in certain cases. It is therefore necessary for investors to avoid such names as may result in disputes and where the rights of an alternate prior holder of a trademark or domain name appear strong.

Hence, before buying any domain name, the investor should not only conduct a valuation research but also an evaluation of the conflict potential. This requires a good knowledge of the domain name disputes.

Let us explore this area further in other articles.



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